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Sizing Up The Digital Economy



The Greater Washington DC Chapter of the Internet Society and the Institute for International Economic Policy of George Washington University invite you to a panel at GWU on October 6 analyzing the new report of the US International Trade Commission (ITC) on the “digital economy.”

The Senate Finance Committee requested that ITC analyze the economic impact of the digital economy. They also requested that ITC examine digital protectionism around the world. The ITC found that “digital trade, through the combined effects of the Internet in enhancing productivity and lowering international trade costs in certain digitally intensive industries, has resulted in increase in U.S. gross domestic product of some four percent.”

James Stamps, Project Leader, discussed the ITC Report. He will be follewed by a panel of four commentators:

• Michael Mandel, Chief Economic Strategist of the Progressive Policy Institute will provide an economic assessment of the report.
• Jacquelynn Ruff, Vice President, International, of Verizon will provide a view from a leading Internet Service Provider (ISP).
• Linda Kinney, Senior Vice President, Motion Picture Association of America will provide perspective from an association representing content providers.
• Usman Ahmed, Policy Counsel of eBay will provide analysis from an e-commerce viewpoint.


Internet Governance Forum (IGF) 2014 Debrief



This year’s Internet Governance Forum is taking place in Istanbul, Turkey from September 2 – 5. More than 3,000 delegates will debate critical issues affecting the future of the Internet, including online privacy, censorship, cybersecurity, the NetMundial initiative, and the evolution of ICANN. Please join ISOC-DC for a discussion about IGF 2014. This is an audience participation event.

Discussion Leaders

Ambassador David Gross – Wiley Rein
Andrew Mack – AMGlobal
Natalie Green – Public Knowledge
Michael Nelson – CCT Program, Georgetown University


Net Neutrality in Europe: Lessons for the US?


Hosted by Microsoft Innovation & Policy Center 901 K Street NW, 11th Floor Washington, DC 20001

A discussion with J. Scott Marcus, Director and Head of Department “NGN and Internet Economics,” WIK, Germany

Respondents: Sally Shipman Wentworth, Vice President of Global Policy Development, Internet Society

Robert Pepper, Vice President, Global Technology Policy, Cisco

Moderator: Michael R. Nelson, Adjunct Professor, Internet Studies, CCT Program, Georgetown University


Confidentiality 2020: Can We Keep Secrets Anymore?


Hosted by the Washington DC Chapter of the Internet Society (ISOC-DC) and the Microsoft Innovation & Policy

David Brin – Noted science fiction writer, futurist, and author of “The Transparent Society”

Mary Ellen Callahan – Chair, Privacy and Information Governance Practice, Jenner & Block

Greg Elin — and former Chief Data Officer, FCC

Allan Holmes — The Center for Public Integrity

Tom Lee – Director, Sunlight Labs

Mark Rasch – Chief Privacy and Data Security Officer, SAIC

Moderator: Michael Nelson – Principal Technology Policy Strategist, Microsoft

 EVENT: Scenarios for the Future of Internet Governance

Hosted by the DC Chapter of the Internet Society and the Institute for International Economic Policy, George Washington University

Panel 1: What is the IANA Function? What led to the US decision to reduce its role in IANA? What are the risks and opportunities associated with this fundamental change?

Fiona Alexander – Office of International Affairs, NTIA, US Department of Commerce

Richard Jimmerson – Chief Information Officer, ARIN

Steve DelBianco – Executive Director, NetChoice

Milton Mueller – Professor at Syracuse University School of Information Studies

Moderator - Tim Lordan – Executive Director, Internet Education Foundation

Panel 2: Possible scenarios for the future of the IANA functions – what are the implications for Internet governance?

Christopher Mondini – VP, Stakeholder Engagement North America & Global Business Engagement, ICANN

Raquel Gatto – Chapter Development Manager, the Americas, ISOC

Beatrice Covassi – First Counsellor, Digital Economy, EU Delegation to the United States

Derrick Cogburn – Associate Professor of International Relations at the School of International Service at American University

Becky Burr – Deputy General Counsel and Chief Privacy Officer at NeuStar, Inc.

Moderator – Roger Cochetti – Principal at RJC Associates


EVENT: Internet Governance 2020: Geopolitics and the Future of the Internet

Keynote remarks from:

Ambassador Daniel A. Sepulveda
Deputy Assistant Secretary of State and U.S. Coordinator for International Communications and Information Policy

Featuring a panel with:

Richard Beaird 
Senior International Policy Advisor, Wiley Rein

Laura DeNardis
Associate Professor in the School of Communication, American University

Veni Markovski
ICANN, Vice President for Russia, CIS and Eastern Europe

Michael Nelson
Principal Technology Policy Strategist, Microsoft

Sally Wentworth
Senior Director, Strategic Public Policy, The Internet Society


James Lewis
Director and Senior Fellow, Technology and Public Policy Program, CSIS

David Vyorst
Co-Founder, Relay Station Digital Strategies


EVENT: The Impact of gTLDs on the Internet


  • Dr. Burt Kaliski – Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, Verisign, Inc.
  • Sarah Deutsch – Vice President and General Counsel, Verizon Communications
  • Taylor Frank – Vice President, Strategy and Development, FairWinds Partners
  • Jon Nevett – Co-Founder and Executive Vice President, Donuts, Inc.
  • Andrew Mack – Founder, AM Global Consulting


  • David McAuley, Bloomberg BNA


EVENT: Wireless 2020: Spectrum Crisis or Broadband Abundance?

As wireless data demand increases at dizzying rates, meeting that demand will necessarily require innovative policy choices that encourage innovation and investment. The outcomes of these choices will shape the future of the Internet and the economy.


Michael Calabrese - Director of the Wireless Future Project, New America Foundation’s Open Technology Institute.

Charla Rath – Vice President, Wireless Policy Development, Verizon

Preston F. MarshallPh.D. – Spectrum Access Technology, Google


Afzal Bari, Senior Technology and Telecommunications Analyst, Bloomberg Government

With introductory remarks by:

Michael Nelson – Principal Technology Policy Strategist, Microsoft

Paula Boyd – Director, Government and Regulatory Affairs, Microsoft


EVENT: INET Washington DC: Surveillance, Cybersecurity and the Future of the Internet

INET Washington, DC – Surveillance, Cybersecurity, and the Future of the Internet – at George Washington University on July 24, 2013

The recent revelations regarding the apparent scope of U.S. government efforts to gather large amounts of end user information from U.S. Internet and telecom service providers for intelligence purposes have raised global concerns about Internet privacy, security and governance. The Internet Society and others have expressed the specific concern that the unwarranted collection, storage and potential correlation of user data will undermine many of the key principles and relationships of trust upon which the global Internet has been built and that similar efforts by other governments will have a chilling effect on the deployment and adoption of technical solutions for establishing trusted connections online. This half-day event explored these concerns in depth, featuring experts on Internet privacy, security and governance.

Speaker bios:



Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Hosted by Google DC

Organizer: Judith Hellerstein, Council Member ISOC DC

Panelists: Blair Levin, GIG.U Executive Director

Craig Settles, Host of Gigabit Nation (via Google Hangout)

Milo Medin, VP of Access Services, Google Inc (via Google Hangout)


The international landscape calls for a more compelling narrative for internet governance than the US –centric one inherited from the ‘90s. Will it be possible to accommodate non-western state’s (this is much more than China and Russia) desire for a larger role for governments without throwing the multi-stakeholder model and (more importantly) human rights overboard?


Phil Verveer, Former US Coordinator, International Communications and Information Policy, US Department of State

Veni Markovski, ICANN, Vice President for Russia, CIS and Eastern Europe

Sally Wentworth, Senior Director, Strategic Public Policy

Bill Smith, Senior Policy Advisor, Technology Evangelist, PayPal

Laura DeNardis, Associate Professor in the School of Communication, American University


James Lewis, Director and Senior Fellow, Technology and Public Policy Program, CSIS
David Vyorst, Co-Founder, Relay Station Social Media


Access to broadband internet is vital for economic innovation and growth, therefore ensuring the highest levels of competition and access are key to the future of the economy. Recently several high profile studies have examined the state of broadband competition in the United States and reached different conclusions.

Please join ISOC-DC and our distinguished panel for a substantive discussion on broadband access and competition issues in the US:

What is the state of broadband competition in the US?

Do American consumers really pay more for slower speeds?

What is the best way to get to universal access?

What objectives should national broadband policy try to achieve?

The Panel

Robert D. Atkinson, Ph.D. – President, Information Technology and Innovation Foundation

Jeffrey A. Eisenach, Ph.D. – Managing Director, Navigant Economics, Visiting Scholar, American Enterprise Institute

Jodie Griffin – Staff Attorney, Public Knowledge

Robert C. Atkinson – Director of Policy Research, CITI

Moderator –  Dave Burstein, Editor, DSL Prime



Wednesday, December 19, 2012 at 8:30am
American University

Eventbrite Announcement:

In December the ITU (International Telecommunication Union) and 193 member states convene the World Conference on International Telecommunications (WCIT) in Dubai with the agenda of updating the International Telecommunication Regulations (ITRs),  the treaty that deals with international telecommunications to which all member states are signatory.

There is grave concern in many circles about proposals to expand the scope of the ITRs in ways that would affect the Internet. This could disrupt Internet operations and fragment the Internet,  increasing costs, decreasing consumer choice, and hindering  innovation.

Please join the Washington DC Chapter of the Internet Society (ISOC-DC) to examine the implications of WCIT with a distinguished panel of thought leaders on the subjects of:

  • What motivated certain Member States to include aspects of the Internet in the ITRs?
  • Some in the technical community have said that certain proposals could lead to fragmentation of the global Internet.   What does this mean and how did it play out at the WCIT?  What will be the impact on the global Internet infrastructure?
  • For countries with concerns about security or fraud or connectivity costs, what are the alternatives to solving these challenges besides the WCIT?
  • What should be the role of groups like the Internet Society in this discussion?


The Honorable Terry Kramer – U.S. Ambassador, Head of Delegation, World Conference on International Telecommunications at U.S. Department of State

Sally Wentworth – Senior Manager of Public Policy, The Internet Society

Harold Feld – Senior Vice President, Public Knowledge


Laura DeNardis, Ph.D. – Professor, Author, Internet Governance Scholar

EVENT: POSTPONED due to Hurricane Sandy: Fragmenting the Internet: The WCIT & What’s at Stake

Wednesday October 31, 2012 8:30 am

EVENT: A White Hat Perspective on Cyber Security

Tuesday, October 16, 2012 at 6:00pm
St. Stephen’s Washington DC

Event Announcement:

The Greater Washington Chapter of the Internet Society &

Invite you to attend a panel discussion about:

A White Hat Perspective on Cyber Security & Other Internet Issues

The term hacker is often used pejoratively. In reality, a hacker is someone who finds a clever and creative solution to a programming problem. Hacker culture typically advocates free and open source software and community based thinking. Malevolent hackers or “crackers” or “black hats”, are the ones that we need to worry about. Thus, the distinction between white hat and black hat hackers. Recently, many white hat hackers convened in Las Vegas for the annual DefCon, where they learned about the latest in cybersecurity hacking. Two of our panelists were there.

HacDC is a community organization in DC dedicated to the collaborative use of technology. HacDC is part of a global trend in amateur engineering clubs that have come to be known as “hackerspaces.” Centered on physical locations that function as shared workshops, these spaces support “makers” whose work bridges the realms of art and technology and who share a passion for putting old technology to new and creative purposes.

Join us at HacDC for a spirited discussion about Cyber Security and other pressing Internet Issues. Learn more about security from the hacker’s point of view.  How do their goals and values affect their perspectives, and how does this impact the Internet?

Discussion Leaders:

Chirag Patel, Senior IT Specialist and Security Analyst at the Supreme Court of the United States.

Stan Pendergrass, Naval Capabilities Analyst for the Deputy Under Secretary of the Navy. Doctoral Candidate in the School of Communications and Information Systems at Robert Morris University.

The Doctor, A member of HacDC and one of the core developers of Project Byzantium, consulting agent of the hacktivist group Telecomix, where he helped instruct dissidents during the Arab Spring, disseminate media recorded by protestors in Syria, investigate network anomalies, and analyze open source intelligence information. He occasionally teaches classes on wireless and operational security, cryptography and personal privacy.

Event: The Elections and Internet Policy

Eventbrite Announcment:

The Washington DC Chapter of the Internet Society (ISOC-DC) and Google DC invite you to join an informal discussion about:


Thursday, September 20, 2012

6:30 PM – 8:00 PM    Discussion (followed by a reception)

Hosted by Google DC

1101 New York Ave., N.W., Second floor Washington, DC

The 2012 Presidential and Congressional elections are less than two months away.  While Internet policy is not a “hot button” issue, the platforms for both parties devote paragraphs to Internet issues such as Net Neutrality, cybersecurity, and Internet freedom–and there are significant differences.

Join us for a lively roundtable discussion on questions such as:  How would Internet policy change in a Romney Administration?  What will be the most pressing issues facing the President and the Congress in 2013?  If the Republicans win the Senate, will we see new approaches to telecommunications and Internet policy?

Discussion leaders:

Phil Bond, Petrizzo Bond (and former CEO of TechAmerica and former Undersecretary for Technology at the Department of Commerce during the Bush Administration)

John Kneuer, JKC Consulting (and former head of the National Telecommunications and Information Administration)

Eddie Lazarus, former Chief of Staff of the Federal Communications Commission from 2009 to 2012


Michael R. Nelson, Adjunct Professor of Internet Studies, Georgetown University

Event: Musicians 2025


Eventbrite Announcment:

The Washington DC Chapter of the Internet Society and George Washington University’s School of Law, Intellectual Property Program invite you to attend: 

Musicians 2025 – the Future of Music

The Internet has completely disrupted the music industry from what it had been 20 years ago. Much in-depth analysis of music online has been produced from the tech and business perspectives. But what has the Internet meant for musicians, the most critical part of the music ecosystem?  Come hear musicians and their representatives explain their visions of the future of music, the good, the bad and the ugly.

Ann Chaitovitz – USPTO

Bryan Calhoun – Former Vice President, SoundExchange
Dick Huey – Founder – Toolshed
Kristin Thompson – Co-Director, Future Of Music Coalition
Patricia Polach – Associate General Counsel, American Federation of Musicians

Ann Chaitovitz has more than 15 years of experience representing songwriters, publishers and recording artists on the legal and policy issues at the intersection of copyright, communications and technology.  She is currently an attorney-advisor at the United States Patent and Trademark Office, specializing in domestic and international copyright law and policy, and has been the Executive Director of Future of Music Coalition, the National Director of Sound Recordings at the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (AFTRA), and a staff attorney at ASCAP.

Bryan Calhoun has worked in the music industry for over 20 years in various capacities including A&R, marketing, digital licensing, radio promotions, business development and concert promotions, including time at Relativity Records, RED Distribution, Warlock Records, Searchlite Music, as COO of Kanye West’s GOOD Music.  Most recently, he was the VP of New Media and External Affairs for SoundExchange, the non-profit performance rights organization that collects statutory royalties from satellite and internet radio, cable TV music channels and similar platforms for streaming sound recordings and distributes the royalties on behalf of recording artists and master rights owners.  Bryan currently provides digital strategy and business development for the Blueprint Group, an artist management company representing Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj, Drake, T.I., Lil Twist, Hit Boy and others.  Bryan drew on his vast and varied experience and founded Label Management Systems in 2003 to help indie record labels succeed. To that end, he developed the Music Business Toolbox in 2008, which he is updating and rereleasing this year.

Dick Huey is the founder social media grassroots marketing and digital consulting powerhouse Toolshed: Dick has orchestrated over 350 digital campaigns in his career for A- and B-list artists and record labels. A new media pioneer; he launched the New Media department at the Beggars Group in 1997, licensed the Group’s groundbreaking digital catalog, and set the Group’s strategic direction. Toolshed is a consultant to major media brands, most recently procuring independent label content on behalf of Spotify in the United States in advance of their 2011 US launch. He is a founding new media committee member for the American Association of Independent Music (A2IM), a board member representing Matador Records at Soundexchange, and a board member at Cash Music.

Patricia Polach is the Associate General Counsel of the American Federation of Musicians of the United States and Canada, and Of Counsel at the firm of Bredhoff & Kaiser, PLLC:  Trish has represented the AFM for over twenty years on issues including Internet piracy, performance rights, royalty collection and distribution, and the negotiation of fair terms and conditions for musician employment

Kristin Thompson is the Co-director, Future of Music Coalition’s Artist Revenue Streams Project. The Future of Music Coalition is a non-profit advocacy group for musicians. She currently co-directs FMC¹s Artist Revenue Streams research project, which is examining changes in musicians¹ sources of income. She is co-owner of Simple Machines, an independent record label, which released over seventy records and CDs from 1991-1998. She also played guitar in the band Tsunami, which released four albums from 1991-1997 and toured extensively. She currently lives near Philadelphia with her husband Bryan Dilworth, a concert promoter, and their son, where she also plays guitar in the lady-powered band, Ken.

Event: Censorship 2020: The Future of Free Speech Online

Monday, June 25, 2012 from 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM (EDT)

Eventbrite Announcement:

The DC Chapter of the Internet Society, in conjunction with the U.S. Department of State, invites you to an informal discussion on

CENSORSHIP 2020:  The Future of Free Speech Online

Monday, June 25, 2012

5:00-5:30 PM   Networking

5:30-7:00 PM   Discussion

Hosted by the

Communication, Culture and Technology Program of Georgetown University

2nd Floor, Car Barn, 3520 Prospect St., N.W. , Washington , DC

(enter from Prospect St.)

The Arab Spring demonstrated how Internet technologies such as Twitter, blogs, and Facebook could be used to mobilize protesters, publicize corruption and human rights violations, and connect activists and emigres.  But in Iran , Syria , and elsewhere, we have seen repressive governments use the Internet to identify and track dissidents, to spread disinformation, and defame political opponents.  Will the technologies of anonymization win out over new digital monitoring tools?  Will new wireless data technologies foster democracy–or lead to more effective tracking and surveillance?  Join us for an informal discussion with six people fighting for free speech on the Internet in their country–and around the world:

Dishad Othman ( Syria),  an activist and IT engineer providing Syrians with digital security tools

Pranesh Prakash ( India), a blogger and cyberlaw expert who is promoting a free Internet and online freedom of speech.

Koundjoro Gabriel Kambou (Burkina Faso), a journalist at, is promoting human rights, democracy particularly among young people.

Sopheap Chak (Cambodia), the Deputy Director of the Cambodian Center for Human Rights (CCHR) and one of Cambodia ’s leading bloggers.

Andres Azpurua (Venezuela) has trained 300 youth on using Web 2.0 tools to publicize human rights violations.

Emin Milli (Azerbaijan),  a writer who is using YouTube, Facebook and Twitter to spread information about human rights violations.

Moderator:  Ambassador (ret.) Richard Kauzlarlch, Deputy Director, Terrorism, Transnational Crime and Corruption Center (TraCCC),  George Mason University,

Street parking is available on Prospect Street and other streets north of the Car Barn.



Wednesday, May 23, 2012

9:00 AM Networking breakfast

9:30 AM – 11:00 AM Discussion

Hosted by SRI International

1100 Wilson Blvd., Arlington, VA near the Rosyln Metro station 28th floor (Please remember to bring a picture ID)

Alarming stories about the growing threat of cyberattacks have spurred the White House, Congress, and corporate leaders to call for more efforts to improve cybersecurity. But are current approaches to cybersecurity working? Can we do better?

More and more Internet technology experts argue that today’s approach is broken and that there must be a better way—with new technologies, better business practices, and more emphasis on the people and organizations that have to implement them. Can we fix cybersecurity? Can we overcome inertia and political barriers? What happens if we don’t?

Moderator: Eric Burger, Professor of Computer Science, Georgetown University; Director, Georgetown Center for Secure Communications

Discussion leaders:

Simson Garfinkel, Associate Professor of Computing Science, Naval Postgraduate University

Thomas Fuhrman, Senior Vice President, Booz, Allen, Hamilton

Zach Tudor, SRI International’s Computer Science Lab

Mark D. Rasch, Director, CyberSecurity and Privacy Consulting, CSC


Event Calender

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